Ibiyinka Fuwape From Nigeria

My name is Ibiyinka Fuwape. I am from Nigeria. My interest in Physics started from my high school days and I decided to pursue a career in Physics. Even now, I still continue to get excited with teaching Physics and conducting research in Physics.

My research interest is in nonlinear dynamics and at the moment I am interested in information processing in sensory systems, which my collaborator, Professor Alexander Nieman of Ohio University Athens, Ohio, US exposed me to a few years ago. I am grateful for the Schlumberger Faculty for the Future grant that made this possible for me. It is amazing that fishes with electro-receptors, especially the paddlefish, contains two distinct oscillators. The functional role of the oscillations in conveying information has been a subject of investigation. Prof Nieman collaborates with a biologist, Prof David Russell, to study the way Paddlefishes process information via their electro-sensory organ. They have a large laboratory (an artificial pond) where the fish are raised. I was amazed when they took me around their laboratory and I became fascinated with the great work they were doing. I joined their team and we have already published some work together.