Brian Fulton from England

Eclipsed by a Daughter

I have had a long, enjoyable and rewarding academic career in physics, having been privileged to work with tremendous colleagues, to work with the leading international groups in my field, and to have lead a Physics Department for five years. But my most rewarding experience came not from a particular career high point, but from a wonderful moment of enlightenment during a discussion on cosmology with my daughter. She was then in the final year of her own physics degree and enjoying the advanced courses. During the discussion, as she challenged some of my statements, it slowly dawned on me that my own daughter knew more about this topic than her father, Professor of Physics and Head of a Physics department. It was both a humbling and touching moment, but also one of great pride in seeing another young person gain the maturity and confidence that an education in Physics can bring.

Professor Brian Fulton
University of York, England