Irene Nsiah Akoto From Ghana

I had always wanted to be a Pharmacist as I was growing up. Prior to that goal I studied science at the high school. Physics was not one of my favorite subjects at the high school. After I completed the senior high school, I applied to study Pharmacy, the course I have always dreamt of pursuing. I was denied that opportunity to be the pharmacist I wanted to be, Lo and behold I was offered to study physics one subject I was not enthused about.

I got confused on what to do, so I sought for an advice from a Professor at the University and he said ‘If you have a passion for understanding how things work and enjoy scientific experiments and mathematics, then you should study physics. I was very good in mathematics too so I decided to study physics after the advice and I have never regretted studying physics.

After studying physics at the undergraduate level which I enjoyed, I continued to pursue my masters in Applied Nuclear Physics which I completed successfully in 2010 and currently pursuing my PHD in Applied Nuclear Physics. I will always opt for Physics if am to start all over again at the University because I have never regretted studying physics. It has brought so many opportunities which I would not have had if I had become a Pharmacist.