Newton Too (A Poem By Gillian Butcher From United Kingdom)

Alarm bells ring. Mechanical hand
Fumbles and bumbles. Waves of
Inertia wash the wrecked debris
Back under the covers.
Forgotten time slips by till the
Lifeless form hauls its hulk to the
Clinical confines to start its
Awakening process. Toothpaste taints
The milk that swamps the Rice Crispies,
Making them crackle alarmingly. A
Heavy veil of dullness
Shrouds the pathetic creature, from
Which a sigh escapes into the
Morning air and coming day.
Automatically following the same
Path, same routine that thousands
Do, day in, day out. Oblivious to the
Noise that’s coming from the
Next-door world, the
Inertial mass boards the train at Queen Street Station,
Only to be accelerated
With respect to the stars.
Unimpressed with this bravado show of
Science, the newspaper proves more engrossing.