Elvire Nzeba Banza From D. R. Congo

Nzeba Banza Elvire was born on 18/10/1988 in Mbuji-Mayi in Eastern Kasai in the Democratic Republic of Congo, second in a family of seven children. Elvire was more capable in mathematical branches than in literary work. Also, she had experienced difficulty in obtaining 70 percent in material of literarary character. At the age of 14 she chose the scientific direction and there her achievement was 80 percent. Elvire was most comfortable in physics and she ended by getting her state diploma in mathematics and physics in 2007. Elvire wanted to do purely physical science research, when her father spoke to her about a faculty of sciences of the University of Kinshasa. She was very interested in the work of many scientists and especially, her dream was to work as a researcher at a nuclear plant. At 18, Elvire had to leave her parents to go to university in Kinshasa, the capital of her country. Upon her arrival in Kinshasa, her sister Melanie, the eldest of his family (Elvira was second) had already been entered on the computer in competition. Elvire was unhappy and discouraged and refused to go. Her uncle and a great older brother of her mother encouraged and persuaded the family to let Elvire enter the department of physics. It was not at all easy for Elvire to adapt to the Physics Department in the first days of her studies. All the people she had met in her class had at least one level of the university, whether they came from the polytechnic or the mathematical or physical-mathematical preparatory schools. Elvire was successful in this contest and was directly admitted to the first year of physics. Her first study day in the physics department was not good at all, because she was a girl among 56 men and they wanted to know at all costs how she had come to physics and even doubted her skills. The second day was still bad for her, as every teacher would ask the same questions three times during the course. Elvira was discouraged, and had to be further stimulated by reading a lot, and searching the internet as well as the library. After three months of the course she was doing such stunning work, that there was a big change and much respect for her. At last everyone began to understand why she had come to the Department of Physics. Then it was time for Elvira to express her knowledge and realize her dreams. But how, as she was still only in the first year? There was a group in the department called the “physics club”. In May 2008, the same year there when she decided to join the club as a member, she campaigned for one of the candidates for physics club president.. There were two candidates and the candidate supported by Elvire carried the elections and then named Elvire treasurer of the physics club This is was the first feat by Elvire at the Physics Department. She took care of the finances but also the club records, which were history. This gave her plenty of opportunity to be able to organize conferences, seminars and scientific debate. Elvire even organized a conference to sensitize and motivate women to study physics. She was not the only girl in the audience but this time with two others who came from the Polytechnic.

When it came time for the publication of the examination results of the first round (session) of the Department of Physics, Elvire was the only candidate to pass to the second year without failure. Elvire passed the third year and also finished her degree, graduating successfully, and was chosen for her excellence to represent the Democratic Republic of Congo at a scientific conference in Nairobi. In 2010, Elvire began her second degree in physics and ended the first year license with a good mention. Again she was selected in the framework of the Physics club to go to a conference in the field of geophysics in a center for forest research named “ERAIFT”. In 2012, Elvire completed her second cycle license with Distinction. The faculty examining her record and her travels saw fit appoint her as an assistant professor at the University of Kinshasa. In this context, she can still continue her studies in physics to advance her academic career. Always dynamic, Elvire has not limited her work to the university, but also in high schools, to high school students, to help them understand the physical concepts in a simple and palpable manner. In 2013, Elvire began her masters or postgraduate work. She finished third in this third cycle and expects the financial support to continue from the project sponsors (Belgian). Her Masters was completed in April 2014 but Elvira continues her research in hopes of finding a scholarship to finish her studies.